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Instagram Tips 2017 part5

2.Professionally Edited Video-sharingVideo hasn't been around for long on Instagram, but it's already huge. You can pack a lot into just 15 seconds of video, especially since Instagram introduced the ability to upload pre-recorded videos.

The pre-recorded video upload feature has opened up new doors for people and businesses to film videos using a real camera, edit it on a computer and then post it later to Instagram. There are also countless video editor apps you can get on mobile devices that help you showcase numerous clips in a professional style and even add all sorts of fancy effects.
3.Business Brand-buildingTeens and young people in general are often the first ones to start using a cool new social network. Once it starts to catch on a bit, everyone else starts joining, and then before you know it, every single major corporation has created an account in an effort to stay relevant on the web and grab more eyeballs.
There are tons of businesses now on Instagram. For a social network that thrives on visual content, it offers a great opportunity for businesses to show off their logos, product lines, current event snapshots, storefront locations and whatever else that can generate likes and comments from followers.
4.Promotional ContestsFollowing the business brand-building trend, a lot of those businesses (and even some individuals too) often launch contests on Instagram to generate more buzz about their offering, drive up interaction and reach more potential followers or customers.
Business accounts will sometimes offer a chance to win something for free if users agree to take some kind of participating promotional action, like follow them on certain social media sites, tag a friend, re-post the offer on users' own Instagram accounts and so on. Instagram contests help businesses go viral and keep their current followers interested in following them.
5.ShoutoutsThis last big Instagram trend is similar to the followback/follow 4 follow trend often seen on Twitter, or the sub 4 sub trend on YouTube. Two Instagram users basically agree to give one another a shoutout post on their own accounts, usually featuring a photo (or video) from the other user's photo feed with instructions in the caption to go and follow that user.For some of the biggest Instagram accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers, shoutouts have been a huge part of their growth strategy. By getting featured on another account, users can instantly gain tons of new followers in a matter of seconds. 19 Seriously Smart Tips To Up Your Instagram Gamex

Instagram tips 2017 part7

Welcome a guest Instagrammer: There are lots of “Instagram celebrities” on the platform, meaning Instagram users who have massive following. These people have influence. In a matter of minutes, a photo that an “Instagram celebrity” posts can get thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.
If you’re a brand, team up with an Instagram celeb and have them take over your account for a day or during a major event. This is one way to introduce your Instagram celeb’s large following to your brand.
The clothing brand Juicy Couture recently did this when they had popular blogger Kelly Framel of The Glamourai take over their Instagram account to post behind-the-scenes photos of a photo shoot for their upcoming campaign. Fellow fashion  blogger Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor also took over Nordstrom’s Instagram account recently!

Discover new people and brands to follow: If you’re a brand just starting out on the platform and you’re not sure who you should follow, just tap on the magnifying glass that appears in the bottom section of your home screen. Instagram will suggest  “Videos you might like” and will show you accounts from other users you might want to check out.

Take advantage of your Instagram bio: Don’t neglect your Instagram bio! Use this space to feature a call to action, branded hashtags and web links.
How to mention other Instagrammers / Kaip Pamineti kitus?To mention a friend in your caption, type @ in front of their username (e.g., “great article, @karnjar84!”). Your friend will then receive a notification in their activity feed letting them know that you mentioned them. If you want to reply to someone in a comment thread, just mention them, and they will get a notification in their activity feed as well.

Instagram tips 2017 part6

Show love to your followers: One brand that’s a great example for how to show love to your followers is designer Rebecca Minkoff. If you check out their Instagram account, they often share fan-snapped photos that feature their products.
Ask your users for help:
 If it’s a goal of your brand’s to get on Instagram’s most popular “Explore” page, and you have enough followers to do so, don’t be afraid to ask in the photo caption section of your next uploaded photo. Ask and often you shall receive!
Stay on top of the latest Instagram trends:
Hashtags and shoutouts are great, but even trends like these will eventually have an expiry date. If Instagram is a major social networking platform for you, it's important to keep up with the latest trends to avoid getting left behind and putting yourself at risk of losing valuable followers.1.Professionally Edited Photo-sharing

Take Part in Community Activities
There are a ton of Instagram activities taking place on the mobile social network. The biggest one is probably JJ’s daily forum. Started by Instagram user Josh Johnson who has almost 280,000 followers, his forum has grown to thousands of members, and a network of editors working with him to highlight Instagram photos on a daily basis. To take part, all you have to do is follow Josh Johnson to find out the daily theme and hashtag to use to submit your photos. Themes are based on styles (e.g. black and white), content (e.g. reflections) and more. If Josh or one of editors notices your submission, you could be featured by one of the editors or Josh himself.
In the beginning, Instagram was all about capturing moments in real-time. A lot of people still use it that way, but if you head on over to the Explore tab to check out the most popular Instagram photos being shared, you'll notice that a lot of them are high resolution photos (without filters) that were most likely taken with a good quality camera, and possibly edited too.
Instagram has become much more than a platform for sharing what's happening in the moment. It's become a place to publicly share the absolute best photos possible -- professionally captured and edited.

Instagram Tips 2017 part4

How to link Instagram to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr accountsBecause Instagram is one of the most popular social apps, you may want to connect all of your social accounts to get the most out of it. You can choose to link your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr accounts; there are also less-popular networks (in the U.S., at least) that you can link to, including Ameba and VKontakte. To get your social accounts linked, go to the Profile Tab > Linked Accounts > Share Settings, then select which accounts you want to connect. Every time you upload a photo to Instagram, you’ll have the option to select which photos you want to share to each of the social networks. You can also choose to share your photos on Instagram only.

How to embed your photos on the webDid you take a photo that is absolutely amazing and you want to share it on your blog? Go to Instagram on the web and find the picture you want to share, click on the symbol shown as three dots, and choose the Embed option. You can copy and paste the code anywhere on the web to show off the photo you took. If your content is set as private on Instagram, you won’t be able to share the photo.

How to manage multiple accountsTo add an additional account, simply go to your profile settings page and tap the gear icon or the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. Scroll down and select the “Add Account” option and create a unique username and password for the new account. To switch between Instagram accounts on the fly, go to your profile page, select your username and choose the account you wish to switch to from the pull-down menu. Your profile picture will then reflect the active account, and remind you which handle your currently signed in to. This prevents you from inadvertently positing on behalf of said Puggle (or vice versa).

Instagram Tips 2017 part3

Use your photo captions to ask questions: Naudokite savo nuotraukų antraštes užduoti klausimams:One of the best ways to get more likes on your Instagram photos is to use your photo’s caption to ask a question. This is a great way to drive not only photo likes, but comments, too.
Share teasers: Pasidalink anonsa - greitai isleidziamo produkto.
 For product-based businesses, upload photos to Instagram that feature teasers of a soon-to-be-released product or an exciting event that’s around the corner. Teaser photos are great for catching users’ interest and for driving photo likes! Check out a great example of an Instagram teaser photo from the California-based clothing company The Hundreds.
Share candid shots:
 Dalinkis atviromis foto:Užkulisiai, kaip buvo daromas produktas ar behind-the-scenes look, bent vidaus darbus savo įmoneje.Think of your brand’s Instagram account as your followers’ backstage pass, or a behind-the-scenes look, at the inner workings of your company. People don’t want to see the same highly polished images your brand uses for adverts, they want to see images that are more relatable and less edited.
Your Instagram account should strive to highlight your employees and the work they do. Even if your business employs hundreds of people, featuring even just a few faces from behind your brand allows your brand to appear much more transparent with your followers.
Remember: The content you post on Instagram doesn’t always have to be marketing driven, it can be just for fun! After all, these kind of photos often get the best engagement. Stop thinking so much about how to get you’re going to get your branding message across and focus on the essence of the platform, which is a human-centric and playful.

 Use apps: Naudok programeles.Use photo-editing apps to enhance your photos before you post them Instagram. There are lots of photo-editing apps on the market that are super easy to use. Below are a few of the best, along with a short description of what they do:
• Instaframe: Instaframe is a free app that allows you to create really awesome photo collages. There are lots of photo collage apps available, but this one is by far my favorite. Check out below Uber SF’s cool photo college they posted for their Uber ice cream event!
• Squaready — Instagram Layouter: When you upload a photo to Instagram from your phone’s photo library, Instagram will make you crop it into the shape of a square. If you want to feature an entire photo without cropping it, Squaready allows you to do this. Bonus: it’s free!
• Picfx: If you want to really pump up the look of your photo with filters, Picfx ($1.99) is your go-to app. It has 100+ effects, textures and frames to choose from, and will automatically format your photo into a square for easy Instagram uploading.
• Camera+: Camera+ ($1.99) one of the most popular photo-editing apps available. Use Camera+ to adjust the lighting, brightness, contrast and clarity of your photos. It’s also a really handy app for shooting, as it allows you to zoom more tightly and improve your lighting on the spot!

Instagram Tips 2017 part2

Give and Take
Like any social network or community, Instagram is all about engagement. It’s all about the give and take. The more you interact and give your time to other users, the more they will do the same for you. Liking other users’ photos is a great way to get noticed, and leaving thoughtful comments is even better. The more you like photos shared by users outside of your circle of friends or personal network, the more you’ll gain both followers and likes. We’ve also found that when users like your other photos, some of their friends and followers will notice you too.It’s also not just a matter of randomly liking photos left and right.
It pays to engage with users who are interested in the same types of photography, shoot in the same city as you, or just have a common interest. That way you’re more likely to find genuine engagement beyond an anonymous or faceless like.
Using a third party service like can be a great way to keep track of your engagement, to make sure you’re responding to comments, and to easily like and comment on other users photos.

Post often to keep followers interested.If you want to keep followers engaged, you need to post new content on a regular basis. That doesn't mean you need to be posting 10 photos a day. In fact, posting once a day -- or at least once every other day -- should be frequent enough to keep your current followers interested. If you go long periods of time without posting, don't be surprised if you lose a few followers.
Use Instagram Direct to get into contact with specific users.Although it's a good idea to post frequently to keep your followers engaged, sometimes it's not always necessary to publicly post something to all your followers. Instead. you can target one or more specific users by privately direct messaging them a photo or video. 
Instagram Direct is a great way to connect with specific groups of users without needing to broadcast your content to everyone all at once.
Interact with your followers.Never ignore your most loyal followers who regularly like and comment on your photos! That's a surefire way to eventually drive people away. Instead, you want to make your followers feel valued. Reply to their comments or even go check out their account and like a few of their photos. You can use a third party tool like 
Iconosquare (formerly called Statigram) if you want, to track comments and see which users are interacting with you the most.
Experiment with shoutouts.Interacting with your current followers is always recommended, but the more people you reach out to, the better. Doing a 
shout out or s4s with another account in the same follower range is a very fast and effective way to reach more people. Two users basically agree to give the other a shoutout post on their own accounts. This is actually the main technique that many Instagram users have used to grow their accounts by the thousands.
Post at the right time. 
Before you post your photo to Instagram, there are two things to keep in mind: your audience’s time zone and what time they’re most often checking Instagram. Most Instagram users login in the morning, and in the evening, on their way home from work or school. According to analytics company Simply Measured, the best time to post on Instagram is on Wednesdays between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm.
For brands, the least favorable time to post is in the middle of the night because an Instagram photo typically has a life of only around 4 hours before it gets buried in followers’ feeds.
Post at times throughout the day that you can assume your audience has down time and is checking their accounts. For example, if you’re a company whose target audience is high school students, post your photo in the afternoon during the time high schoolers are on their lunch break. Or, if you’re a business with lots of New York City- or London-based followers, think about posting during rush hour when you know folks are stuck on trains or busses and have nothing else to do but check their phones.

Instagram Tips 2017 part1

Post interesting, colorful photos and videos. Instagram Tips Images Instagram is all about providing value to your followers, especially if you want more engagement. In this case, your goal should be to post photos and videos that evoke some kind of emotion -- happiness, humor, motivation, nostalgia, love or anything else. High-quality photos with a lot of colors tend to get the most action on Instagram.

Stenkitės ne persistengti su filtro efektais. Try not to overdo it with the filter effects.
Instagram provides you with a bunch of 
filters you can apply to your photos to automatically enhance the look and style, but that trend seems to have already hit its peak. People want photos and videos that are colorful, but relatively natural looking. Although filter effects may be tempting, try to limit your use of them to keep the color and contrast normal in most of your photos.Don’t limit yourself to Instagram’s filters. While they’re great, there’s simply no limit to the great iOS and Android apps available for avid mobile photographers.
Whether its photo-editing apps like Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express to really make your photos pop, or creative apps that let you create gorgeous collages like Fuzel or PicCollage. Find the app that works for you, and put your mark on your photos. By sticking to a distinctive style or niche, you’ll find it’s easier to get noticed and build a following.

Get Featured by Instagram
Getting featured by Instagram could gain you thousands of followers per day. Instagram hasn’t really let on how it chooses users to add them to their ‘suggested users’ list. If you are added to the list, you’ll stay there for one week, giving you maximum exposure on the social network. (If you haven’t checked out the suggested user’s list before – you can find it in the app under
Settings > Find & Invite Friends > Suggested Users.)The list of suggested users is varied – if you have an interesting perspective, style or niche, and continue to get noticed by Instagram users, you may eventually catch Instagram’s eye.
Do you have any Instagram tips? Share them in the comments.

Use Popular HashtagsHashtags are the first place to start when it comes to getting more likes for your photos on Instagram. Think about the subject matter, so that other Instagrammers taking photos of the same things will be able to find you. Tagging on Instagram isn’t just limited to your subject matter – you can tag your photos based on the style of photography or processing, can be tagged with the apps that you used to process your photos, or the Instagram filter you used, or based on your location, and of course with the popular Instagram hashtags that regulars use: #instagood, #photooftheday, #igers, #instagood, and more. Just take a look at hashtags being used by other users or better yet, keep track of the top Instagram hashtags here.
Because it can be a hassle adding tags on your phone, you could always post the photo from your phone, and then use Instagram’s web-based interface to copy and paste hashtags from a saved document, or a draft in your email. (You could also use this method on your phone if you don’t have access to a computer – simply save your favorite tags as a note or in a draft email). You can also use sites like Tagstagram to easily find, and copy and paste, popular tags.
Using hashtags is a great way to increase you reach on Instagram, encourage more engagement and even attract new followers. Unfortunately, some people take it way too far. Their captions are often bloated with hashtags -- many of which aren't even relevant to the topic of their photo. If you do decide to use hashtags, make sure to keep it to a minimum, and only use keywords that are relevant.There are many other communities worth participating in. If you’re a fan of black and white photography, check out MonartInsta_pick_bw and Streetphoto_bw. For general photo features, keep up with PhotoofthedayInk361all_shots and contestgram. If you’re an Instagram-purist – using the app to share mobile photography only, be sure to check out the incredibly vibrant mobile photography community Ampt, who are also running challenges on Instagram’s competitor, EyeEm.

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Geriausi Dronai 2017 | Best Drones 2017

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Geriausi Dronai 2017, dronas, dronai 2017, geri dronai 2017, dronas su kamera, dronai lietuva, dronas dji phantom, FILMAVIMAS IŠ ORO, 
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►Naujas Video- Dronai 2017 Angliskai:

►P.S. Pasidomekite kiek nuo oro uosto galima skristi, perods ar 2KM nuo ju. Pasidomekite, kad negautumete dideles baudos.
Geriausi Dronai 2016, dronas, dronai 2016, geri dronai 2016, dronas su kamera, dronai lietuva, dronas dji phantom, FILMAVIMAS IŠ ORO, Aerial Photography, dronai, rc models, multicopter, radijo bangomis valdomi modeliai, dronas, kvadrokopteris,, orlaivis, bepilotis orlaivis, bepiločiai orlaiviai, kvadrokopteriai, quadcopter, quadcopters,

►Kaip išsirinkti droną?
2. Fiziniai parametrai
Dronas visų pirma yra skraidyklė, todėl itin svarbūs jo fiziniai duomenys, dėl šios priežasties, įsigydami droną turėtumėte žinoti, kam jį ketinate naudoti ir ko iš jo tikitės.
Multikopteriai gali būti skirstomi į tinkamus naudoti lauke ir patalpose. Kai kurie jų pritaikomi tiek uždarose, tiek atvirose erdvėse. Pavyzdžiui, Parrot AR. 2.0 turi du keičiamus korpusus – skraidymui patalpose skirtas korpusas papildomai apsaugo besisukančius propelerius.

Ne mažiau svarbus ir roboto dydis. Mažesni multikopteriai tinka patalpoms, be to, juos patogiau transportuoti - kai kurie gali tilpti į paprasčiausią kuprinę. Antra vertus, didesni dronai neretai būna tvirtesni, vadinasi, labiau atsparūs smūgiams ir nesėkmingiems nusileidimams, bei stabilesni esant prastoms oro sąlygoms. 
Dronai taip pat skiriasi pagal propelerių skaičių. Labiausiai paplitusios yra keturis sraigtus turinčios skraidyklės – kvadkopteriai, naudojami pramogai arba komerciniais tikslais. Taip pat gaminami heksakopteriai (šešiasraigčiai dronai, tinkantys profesionaliems filmavimams) ir oktokopteriai, turintys aštuonis sraigtus. 
Gamintojai siūlo skirtingo dizaino ir ergonominių savybių multikopterius. Šiuo metu galima įsigyti netgi paukščio pavidalo skraidyklę Bionic bird. Nors tai yra antraeiliai dalykai, jie lemia, kiek patogu bus droną skraidinti ar laikyti rankose.

3. Baterija
Nuo baterijų galingumo priklauso, kiek ilgai dronas gali išbūti ore. Nurodytas laikas gali šiek tiek skirtis, priklausomai nuo to, ar naudojama kamera, taip pat nuo judėjimo greičio bei oro sąlygų. Paprastai skrydžio trukmė yra nuo 7 iki 40 min, dažniausiai apie 15 min, ko visiškai pakanka fotografavimui ar filmavimui. Atkreiptinas dėmesys, jog komplekte gali būti ir daugiau nei viena baterija, o tai yra didelis privalumas, norint pratęsti skraidymo laiką. Būtina atsižvelgti ir į tai, kiek laiko trunka baterijos įkrovimas.

4. Radijo valdymo nuotolis
Šis parametras lemia, kokiu didžiausiu atstumu nuo „piloto“ gali nuskristi dronas ir į kokį didžiausią aukštį gali pakilti.

5. Kamera
Dauguma dronų yra pritaikyti filmavimui ir fotografavimui. Rekomenduotina patikrinti, kokios kokybės kamera yra rinkinyje ar gali būti tvirtinama.

Pagal kameros tipą skirstoma į:
Dronus, turinčius 4K, 1080p arba 720p skiriamosios gebos integruotą kamerą
Dronus su SD, standartinės skiriamosios gebos integruota kamera
Dronus su GoPro kamera
Dronus, pritaikytus tvirtinti GoPro kamerą
Dronus, turinčius tik fotografuojančią kamerą
Dronus, neturinčius kameros
Dar viena reikšminga detalė – stabilizatorius, užtikrinantis, kad kamera nejudės ir vaizdas bus ryškus bei kokybiškas.

6. Skrydis ir valdymas
Dronai gali skristi valdomi „rankiniu“ režimu, tačiau gali veikti ir automatiškai, pavyzdžiui, judėti pagal iš anksto užprogramuotą trajektoriją. Rankiniu būdu reguliuoti skrydį yra sudėtinga, reikalauja įrenginio „pajautimo“ ir valdymo įgūdžių. Tokių parametrų kaip skrydžio aukštis, greitis ar nuotolis tikslus nustatymas vienu mygtuko paspaudimu yra kur kas paprastesnis ir ypač tinka pradedantiesiems. Nauji modeliai siūlo vis daugiau automatinių skrydžio režimų bei funkcijų, tokių kaip grįžimas į pradinį tašką, drono padėties ištiesinimas, judančio objekto sekimas, jo apskriejimas ratu ir panašiai. Visa tai daro skrydį tokį tikslų, kad galima sutelkti dėmesį į vaizdo įamžinimą, o ne prietaiso kontroliavimą. Jei drone įdiegta atvirojo kodo programinė įranga (Linux), tai suteikia galimybę pačiam programuoti savo multikopterį, tačiau tai nėra aktualu pradedantiesiems vartotojams.

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Geriausi Telefonai 2017 | Best phones 2017 | Phone Buying Guide 2017

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Business Tips Instagram

1. Once you’ve installed the app on your device, tap the Instagram (camera) icon to open it. Tap “Register” and sign up for account. Be sure to choose a username that clearly represents your brand/business. Fill out your profile (email, name, etc.). Tap Done.
2. Add a profile photo, a biography and a link to your website. For businesses, it’s recommended you use an image of your logo for your profile picture.
3. Connect your account to your Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. which will give you the option to share your Instagrammed photos and videos on these other accounts. To do this, tap the icon in the upper right corner of your profile page (the “gear” for IOS or the blue square for Android). Tap “Sharing Settings” and choose “Facebook,” etc.  Connecting Instagram to Facebook allows your Facebook fans to find you easily. From your Instagram profile, select “Find Friends” and then “Find Facebook Friends.”
4. Let your Facebook friends and followers know that you’re on Instagram. And show your friends and followers who don’t use an iPhone or Android device where they can see your photos. Instagram photos are viewable on desktop devices by going to[username]. For example, our page is
5. Create a unique hashtag to help you connect with your audience — you can put this hashtag in your Instagram bio section so users know the hashtag is associated with your brand. We will write more about this later. Adding hashtags to your photos and videos is a great way to find new followers and to share your posts with more people. For example, people who are fans of Volkswagen Vans might tag #VWVan instead of just #VW.
6. Start sharing your photos!

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GTX 1050 TI 4GB Ar veiks zaidimai?

A great-value card for budget HD gaming builds.
We do like the 1050 Ti series, it is a fun 1080P range card that can deal with modern games. For it to become successful whoever it needs to be under the 150 euro marker, and currently this specific card sells at €189,- in the EU and $169.99 in the USA, that is a notch too high to make sense as the competition RX 470 is merely a few tenners way and will offer more value for money, we spotted the HIS RX 470 for example at € 195,- The product and build itself we cannot complain about as Gigabyte did a good job with the 1050 Ti G1 Gaming really. Totally stable and custom builds that run inaudibly with quality components, that's what this is all about. Compared to the 2GB 1050 this  GeForce GTX 1050 Ti it has a little more power under the hood and the 4GB of graphics memory really helps it out dealing with more crispy textures and, well, PC gaming the way it is meant to be played really (no pun intended). 1080P is your domain, but with certain titles you will need to lower image quality. Tweaking wise any and all cards can achieve a stable ~1.9 GHz boost clock frequency. With the graphics memory you should be reaching 8 Gbps (effective data-rate) quite easily. Hey, for the bigger part Nvidia is in control of your tweak, not you. Gigabyte offers a lovely and well designed card totally silent cooler. If you can spot them for the right price, these cards can be little gems for your entry level gaming purpose and both could offer good value.,28.html

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