Tuesday, January 3, 2017

GTX 1050 TI 4GB Ar veiks zaidimai?

A great-value card for budget HD gaming builds.
We do like the 1050 Ti series, it is a fun 1080P range card that can deal with modern games. For it to become successful whoever it needs to be under the 150 euro marker, and currently this specific card sells at €189,- in the EU and $169.99 in the USA, that is a notch too high to make sense as the competition RX 470 is merely a few tenners way and will offer more value for money, we spotted the HIS RX 470 for example at € 195,- The product and build itself we cannot complain about as Gigabyte did a good job with the 1050 Ti G1 Gaming really. Totally stable and custom builds that run inaudibly with quality components, that's what this is all about. Compared to the 2GB 1050 this  GeForce GTX 1050 Ti it has a little more power under the hood and the 4GB of graphics memory really helps it out dealing with more crispy textures and, well, PC gaming the way it is meant to be played really (no pun intended). 1080P is your domain, but with certain titles you will need to lower image quality. Tweaking wise any and all cards can achieve a stable ~1.9 GHz boost clock frequency. With the graphics memory you should be reaching 8 Gbps (effective data-rate) quite easily. Hey, for the bigger part Nvidia is in control of your tweak, not you. Gigabyte offers a lovely and well designed card totally silent cooler. If you can spot them for the right price, these cards can be little gems for your entry level gaming purpose and both could offer good value.



geimu testas 1 VAIZDO PLOKSTES  zaidimu TESTAS.

Geimu testas nr2 proco ir vaizdo plokstes testas

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