Sunday, February 19, 2017

Car battery - Masinos akumuliatorius 2017

LT (masinos akumuliatorius)
pries perkant akumuliatoriu paprasyti pardavejo pamatuoti jo itampa:
itampa 12.6V ir daugiau ikrovimas 100% - akumuliatorius tikrai sviezias
itampa 12.4 - 12.5 V ikrovimas 70 - 85% - akumuliatorius pagamintas mazdaug pries puse metu, paruostas naudojimui - tokie dazniausiai ir yra parduotuvese
itampa 12.2 ir maziau ikrovimas iki 50% - akumuliatorius amzius tikrai daugiau kaip metai, nusipirkus toki butinai reikia papildomai ikrauti
Jeigu pardavejas neturi su kuo ar nemoka pamatuoti akumuliatorio itampos, pries pirkdamas pagalvokite!
P.S. Uzvesta masina matuojant juos akumuliatorius - turi rodyti kazkur 14 ir daugiau arba dideti skaicius nuo 12,6 ir daugiau.

ENG (car battery)
Before buying ask the seller to measure the battery's voltage:
12.6V voltage and charging 100% more - really fresh batteries
voltage 12.4 - 12.5 V, charging approximately 70 - 85% - battery produced about half a year ago, ready to use - are the most common and are available in stores
12.2 less voltage and charging up to 50% - age of the battery's really more than a year, it will be necessary to purchase such extra charge

If the seller does not have to pay more, or to measure the battery voltage, think before you buy!

P.S. The machine is started by measuring their batteries - have somewhere to show 14 or more will increase in number from 12.6 and more.

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