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Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Creators 2017 | Geriausios Video...

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Looking for great video editing software to edit your YouTube videos, so you can edit like a Pro... I give you my best video editing software picks for beginners to Pro (Free & Paid Picks) for both Windows and Mac users.

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iMovie (Mac)

An easy to use video editor for Mac users.

Camtasia (PC/Mac)

Great to record your screen and for beginners with video editing

ScreenFlow (Mac)

My favorite for screen recording and light editing.

Sony Vegas (PC)

This is a powerhouse for video editing

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (PC/Mac)

Adobe Premiere Pro is my companies favorite and the of the most powerful video editing programs for Mac and Windows.

Final Cut Pro X (Mac)

I use this video editing software everyday to edit one thing or another. I edit all my tutorials on YouTube with this bad boy!

 Corel - VideoStudio Pro X10

Filmora Video Editor

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus

Video & movie making software | Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Pinnacle Studio: Video Editing Software & Screen Recorder

Bandicam - Best Recording Software for PC Screen, Game and Webcam

Virtual Dub

This software is suitable for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. It is specially designed for processing linear video streams including recompression and filtering.


It can process large number of files.

Overcome the problems associated with digital cameras.

DV capture from type 2 FireWire controllers is also supported by it.

Ability to develop a video file in Windows Bitmap file formats


Insufficient editing power

It cannot write MPEG-1 files.

Part 2 Paid video editing software for windows

1. Pinnacle Studio 19 (PC):-

This video editing tool is a perfect choice for novice as he or she can use it with great ease. It will create amazing effects in your videos. This software also has Project bins by which the users can import the desired files into a collection.


Multi-cam editing

Dual preview

Audio ducking


Live screen cannot be captured

Price: $59.95

2. Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5:-

This software is liked by the advanced users very much. It will give your video a new and fresh look by providing pro-quality audio tools and more than 1500 customizable options.


You can edit YouTube videos by using 4 angle multi-camera video editors.

Multi-track timeline editing


It is not suitable for beginners

Price: $67.99

1. iMovie:

It is a basic video editor for Mac users. This software has built-in animations as well as sounds. The people who are new to the editing world should use iMovie software as it is easy to understand.


Shaky video can be fixed.

Offers background music and great visual effects

You can also change audio over a video clip.


It can be accessed by Mac and ions users only.

Importing formats

2. Blender:-

It is one of the best video editing software for YouTube videos. It can be utilized for non linear editing, skinning, smoke simulations, texturing etc.


It has 3D graphics.

Advanced features like compositing system and a node-based material.

It supports most of the commonly used systems.


Slow speed

Unintuitive layers system

Part 2 Paid software to edit YouTube videos for Mac

1. Final Cut Pro:-

This video editing tool is of great importance as it comes in standard as well as advanced mode. Thus you are not required to buy separate programs. The users can comfortable switch from one mode to another.


It is convenient to use.

You will get updates regularly


It supports only Mac operating system.

Cost price: About $299.99.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6:-

This video editing software has two-up workspace by default that sets the bigger source and program monitor side by side. You can also personalize the layout with great ease.


Improved Mercury Playback Engine

24.99 for monthly license and $174.99 for yearly license

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