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TOP 10 PS2 coop games Part 1 2018-2016 Arvizas TIPSLT2

TOP 10 PS2 coop games Part 1 2018-2016
Share. Which games are they? Which are best? We explore the best co-op games on PS2.
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Plenty has changed since this article originally ran: the PS2 is no longer the king of the hill, and things are finally starting to wind down after a decade of absolutely killer games. With the passage of time, however, the landscape of multiplayer gaming -- co-op in particular -- has shifted too, with online becoming the preferred

Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest

When looking for games that have hit since our original feature was whipped up, almost instantly Snowblind Studios' take on Sony's own EverQuest world came to mind. Sure, we've already got their Baldur's Gate dungeon crawler on our list, but Champions of Norrath is the culmination of those original concepts. Plus, it sports not only local co-op, but online, too, and some of the prettiest graphics you're ever likely to see pumping out of a standard def TV.

Nothing beat stompin' monsters with friends.
Buzz! The Mega Quiz

It's probably a stretch to call Buzz a "cooperative" experience because you're basically playing head-to-head with everyone else, but if we've noticed anything about Sony's little quiz show, it's that alliances end up forming -- and then they're summarily destroyed when it comes to the final round. In the end, though, even when you're playing against a bunch of friends, you're still playing with them, and who doesn't love a friendly little drinking game (apple juice, of course) mixed in with their quiz show?

Well, can you?
SingStar 90s

Simultaneously the greatest and most painful thing you're ever likely to hear is two friends attempting to harmonize to songs they think they know. Sure, it's a train wreck -- and when you end up taking up the mic with someone for a duet you'll probably end up crashing and burning spectacularly, too -- but that's part of the fun. For those that can actually sing, there's always cranking the game's judging difficulty up to Hard and belting it out for points, but for most of us, it's about trying to find the right pitch to a harmony you didn't know you didn't actually know until the song starts, and it's a blast.

Sadly, it took millions of dollars in corrective surgery to fix Greg's face when it got stuck like that.
Rock Band 2

Where would music games be without Harmonix? Apparently, still relegated to "just" singing or "just" playing our clicky plastic guitars, which is no way to get together with friends and rock out all-inclusively. Though the original Rock Band brought two guitars, drums and vocals together for the first time in one game, the sequel has emerged as a much more long-term offering thanks to plenty of challenges and modes that were missing from the original PS2 release. No, you can't play online (or, uh, do anything online, downloading songs included), but at least you can rock out with your friends in the same living room.

Yes, girl, hit them skins.
Guitar Hero: Metallica

It would be impossible to mention Rock Band without mentioning the series that started it all: Guitar Hero. When Harmonix left to do their own thing and Neversoft picked up the slack, some felt the series didn't really progress -- not until Metallica added its own special sauce to the mix. Not only is GH: Metallica a loving tribute to the band filled with factoids and bonus footage, it's a great collection of songs supporting guitars, vocals and drums with the all-important inclusion of the almighty double bass and resulting Expert+ difficulty to the mix.

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