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Washing Machine Jumping,Bounching, Vibrating

Washing Machine Jumping,Bounching, Vibrating,How to Diagnose Drum Problems in a Washing Machine,How to prevent a washing machine from vibrating.
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Washing machine jumps and bangs on spin,

There are two common causes for when a washing machine jumps and bangs on spin. Either the load is a bad one and unable to be balanced, or a fault is preventing the machine from balancing the load. The occasional jumping around may not be anything to worry about. However, regular or severe occurrences should be a

To differentiate between the two common issues, observe when the problem occurs. If it’s during a wash cycle, maybe at random parts of the programme, it may have a fault which really needs an engineer to diagnose. These faults can be intermittent and tricky to diagnose. If it only happens when it kicks into the fast spin the chances are it’s related to the load inside.

Am I overloading the washing machine?
Loading washing machine Overloading is not good, but surprisingly it’s under-loading that causes more problems. When the drum goes into fast spin the laundry inside needs to be evenly distributed inside. If not, the washer jumps or bangs quite violently. If the washer is just rocking about on most spins make sure it’s on a level floor and that it is properly level.

Before a proper spin the drum should revolve slowly for a couple of minutes. This section of the cycle is called “distribute”. If a load is out of balance you can often observe the inner drum lurching from side to side. You might even see it gently thumping the sides of the casing a few times whilst it’s trying to distribute the load prior to fast spin. At this stage you may see large flashes of metal drum on each revolution. This would be where laundry has settled around the drum but there wasn’t enough to cover all of it. If this happens the drum will be out of balance. It will then and either refuse to spin, or if allowed to spin may cause the drum to thump around and hit the sides of the casing.

The best way to avoid unbalanced loads in a washing machine
If you try to wash a bulky item that is heavy and absorbent the washing machine is unlikely to be able to balance the drum. Or if you put just a few large towels or a heavy item in amongst some very light fabrics. The heavy items can bunch to one side of the drum and the lighter ones won't be able to counter-balance their weight effectively. There should be enough items to fit all around

Make sure you fill the drum well. Counter to expectations, the worst violent spins are caused by under-loading – not overloading. Heavy bath mats are notoriously difficult to balance and should ideally be washed with other items. If they gather on one side of the drum it will upset the balance of the load. However, some people (understandably) don't want to mix the bath mats in with

Sometimes you can get an unbalanced load by sheer chance, with loads you have successfully washed many times before. The occasional bad load is inevitable but constant bad loads and violent banging on spin should be looked into. [ Related: loading the washing machine properly ].

Modern washers have built in out of balance protection
Most modern washing machines now electronically monitor the motor during the slow distribution section leading up to the spin. If the load is out of balance, the motor shouldn’t be allowed to spin. Typically, a modern washing machine will attempt to balance the load a certain amount of times or for a certain passage of time. If it can’t, it will either reach the end of the program without spinning, or it will abort spin and turn off. Both scenarios will leave the laundry wet through. Some washing machines may allow only a slow spin if the clothes are reasonably balanced. But then unless they settle down it will not allow a higher spin. This will leave laundry spun, but much wetter than normal.

Extra large drums make balancing loads harder
Large drum capacity These days you can buy washing machines with much bigger drums. The average drum size was at one time a mere 4.5Kg but is now 6Kg. You can buy washing machines with 7Kg, 8Kg and even 10Kg drums.

I’m loading the washing machine correctly but it still bangs and jumps on spin
This is unfortunately a difficult fault to diagnose. It could be various things including a faulty connection somewhere on the motor or pcb, especially if intermittent. It can be caused by a part overheating, cutting out and then cutting back in causing loss of control. Or it could even be something like a faulty shock absorber. If this fault isn't caused by the loading you really need to get an experienced engineer to look at it. Find a washing machine repairer on Whitegoodshelp

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